Founded in 1994

House Valencon

For more than 25 years, our family business has been striving to make you rediscover the pleasure of savoring real 100% artisanal Belgian delicacies from traditional recipes so that your breakfasts, coffee breaks and desserts become moments of unique tasting.

Exceptional know-how

Authentic artisanal recipes with natural products have enabled the development over the years of a wide range of quality products. It all started with the traditional Grand Mère waffle. Today, we master the quality that makes our reputation with the sugar waffle, the Liège waffle, the Brussels waffle, the heart waffles, the galettes, the speculoos and the famous kisses.

An authentic recipe

The staff, family, holds the secret of this success by being present at each stage of production to bring the attention and the care necessary to obtain an unequaled taste.

Bakeries, communities, small and large surfaces, and even tasting rooms have chosen the seriousness and quality of Maison Valençon to satisfy their customers.

Much more than just waffles

Local products

All our products are made in our workshop in the Liège region with local products: flour from the Moulin de Val Dieu, eggs and milk from the farm next door, the Colyn farm. Everything is designed with quality local raw materials, which also reduces the carbon footprint, environmental awareness being one of our first concerns.

Treats without preservatives

In order to provide you with the best, some of our products are made without palm oil or preservatives.

Where to find us ?

An irresistible craving for sweets?

In supermarkets, bakeries or delicatessens, Maison Valençon is there to satisfy all your desires! Find our filled waffles, kisses and galettes in most supermarkets in Belgium.

You can also order on our online store to receive your favorite sweets at home.

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“I was impressed with the products used to make the waffles: flour from the Moulin de Val-Dieu, eggs and milk from the farm next door, local products only! »
— Christian Kinot
"I feel like I'm eating the waffles my grandmother made me when I was a child"
— Odile P.
"It's even better in the toaster with a little spread"
— Lucia D.