Since 1994, Avigauf has been a family business from Hervé, which produces a selection of artisanal waffles but also delicacies such as speculoos and kisses. 

After 25 years, Mr. and Mrs. Detry decide to put their business up for sale because their daughter prefers to stay in her place as production manager. It was then that Jean-Marc Valençon and Maxime, his son, seized the opportunity to buy the Avigauf business to transform it into Maison Valençon.

During the first visit, the transmission of family and craft values ​​were shared values ​​that then confirmed the evidence of this meeting.

The sellers, Mr. and Mrs. Detry, then handed over their know-how and their workshop to the Valençon family, filled with hope and passion, with the aim of continuing to transmit the local and artisanal values ​​of the House while bringing their touch of innovation. It was in January 2021 that the Avigauf company began its transformation to become Maison Valençon.

The sale of products is both short circuit in the store connected to the workshop, at fairs and other local markets. But also, in a long sales circuit, because you can find the products in most Liège supermarkets but also in various points of sale in Wallonia and Flanders.

March 04, 2022 — Jean-Marc Valençon

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